✌️ Katie Marcus

I'm a product manager with a design and leadership background, who cares about making a sustainable impact.

With 8+ years experience in high-growth consumer and B2B startups. I enable agile teams to deliver valuable results while driving wider product strategies. I care about delivering valuable outcomes, building motivated teams and doing work which contributes to a healthier, fairer planet. More?


Senior Product Manager, Unmade

Unmade aims to shift the fashion & sportwear industries by allowing consumers to create and purchase exactly what is wanted before it’s made, reducing waste and creating an efficient, digital-first fashion supply chain. The product suite comprises digital customisation tools, API-driven factory and logistics connections and backoffice admin systems.

I'm responsible for shaping product strategies to meet the needs of our B2B customers, who include many of the world’s biggest fashion brands and groups, and ensuring that Unmade creates a forward-looking, robust and market-driven Saas product to allow the company to scale sustainably and keep innovating.

I've helped to build and maintain an enthusiastic, transparent and focussed product practice and culture; actively managed transformative product initiatives to sustainably scale our product and service offering; and worked closely with business development to take the product to market and make improvements based on qualitative and quantitative user data.

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Head of Product Design, Mastered

My leadership-level role at this startup, who offer an education and networking platform for emerging fashion talent, involved bringing together content, marketing and product to create a user-centric experience that delivered measurable ROI to our customers while enabling rapid growth through refining and scaling the services offered. The product comprises an online classroom optimised for creatives, a searchable global directory, and tools for mentoring and personal development.

Driven by customer insights and needs, I conceived, implemented and measured product and service improvements to increase customer retention, engagement and NPS, such as delivering personalised mentoring and written feedback to students at scale, as well as iterating on the sales funnel and marketing materials to increase conversion.

I line-managed the design team, set on a cross-functional leadership team who set and delivered against company OKRs, and reported metrics & results to senior leadership.

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Design Lead, Sidekick Studios

Product studio and consultancy Sidekick helped large organisations rapidly get ideas off the ground, coaching them to take a lean build-measure-learn approach and infuse agile thinking into more traditional enterprise working practices.

My responsibilities included executing lean product develpment in a tight multidisciplinary team to iteratively ship new products which solved business or customer problems. We gave organisations the skills and tools to continue iterating and learning, such as presenting analysis playbacks of our findings.

Notable projects include helping Comic Relief explore ways to raise funds all year round by camping out in their HQ and running a collaborative ‘hackathon’, shipping a working product prototype every week for six weeks and sharing the results; and launching an app for Cancer Research UK to help Race For Life participants share their involvement, fundraise more effectively, and track their training.

Product Design Consultant / Contractor

While freelance, I offered product and design services for clients including product consultancies, apps and ecommerce businesses.

Notable projects include user research, conception and prototpying of an internal intranet system for Three mobile's HQ, an online platforms performance dashboard for the V&A Museum, and supporting on the delivery of the first version of Trouva (then Streethub), an ecommerce startup for independent brands to get their brick-and-mortar stores online.

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