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Making Chapattis

Mattar paneer

Since doing an Indian cooking course and having a gander at the beautiful Prashad cook book, my home curry-making has definitely gone up a notch. In particular, Prashad’s mattar paneer is sure to become a weekday dinner staple: it’s so quick and easy yet authentic-tasting, uses storecupboard/freezer ingredients (did you know paneer freezes?!) and feels pretty healthy despite the main ingredient being um, fried cheese. Must be better than a takeaway at least. I like making more interesting rice dishes as an accompaniment too: the lemon, mustard seed and curry leaf rice we made on the course is perfect with a mild, creamy curry, and Prashad’s tumeric dal rice does great with the mattar paneer.


My absolute favourite thing to make however is chapattis, the little wholewheat puffed flatbreads that are so perfect at scooping up handfuls of curry to convey it to the mouth. I use the Fabulous Baker Brothers’ recipe and method, which involves the pretty fun task of toasting the chapattis over an open gas flame to get that wonderful airy texture and charred outside. I even videoed myself doing it, at immense personal risk – you’re welcome. Ignore my filthy hob please.

Finished with a dash of butter, they’re the perfect finishing touch to a homemade curry.


Best Coast -Crazy For You.. and cats

Into cats and dreamy stoner scuzz-pop? I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and go watch Best Coast’s new video, premiering on icanhascheezburger (where else?).

They’re also running a caption competition on Best Coast’s own lolcat pic to win tour tickets (USA only).

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Japan videos

I forgot until quite recently that I took a load of video footage on my E-P1 when we were in Japan last year. Josh is editing it all into a music video at the moment as he’s much more au fait with this kind of thing than me – my ‘skillz’ extend to a tiny bit of levels/colour tweaking in iMovie. I’ll post the finished video when he’s done, but here are a few clips. Watching them again makes me miss Japan a whole lot :(

Playing with a sweet kitty in one of the many cat cafes we visited – Cha Ma Mo in Harajuku

Sunrise from the shinkansen bullet train as we sped back to the airport from Kyoto (nearly missing our flight in the process)

Metro train in Tokyo – I miss the robot-voice lady.

Beautiful city even blurry in the rain.

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Fantastic Mr Fox concept art

Aww, I love this beautiful concept art for Fantastic Mr Fox and Coraline from production designer Chris Appelhans. See more Fantastic Mr Fox artworks here and the rest of his portfolio, including Coraline and Alice in Wonderland, here.

Via Drawn.ca

Edit to add: The Vanity Fair website has a fascinating look behind the scenes at the painstaking process of making the puppets, and more nice concept sketches.

Fantastic Mr Fox

I saw Fantastic Mr Fox at the weekend, a special gala as part of the BFI Film Festival. I’m not usually a big fan of ‘kids’ films but being directed by my favourite, Wes Anderson, I thought it was worth seeing.

It most definitely is; it’s full of Wes’s charm, humour and idiosyncratic design (love the ‘chapter’ headings) and dialogue. It’s full of little details that Wes fans will appreciate, like the Team Zissou-esque bandit masks and the ubiquitous loser-athlete character (Foxy’s son Ash, voiced by Jason Schwartzman). I wonder how the actual kids in the audience found it as it’s packed with adult jokes and references (the chararcters even swear in code: ‘cluster-cuss’, ‘cuss with his head’, etc), but I guess the rowdy action fun appealed to them as well as me. It’s perfectly cast and the stop-motion characters and their world are totally charming. Go and see it!

Love the design of these posters, too – sharp and colourful.

Images: Rotten Tomatoes