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Domestic Sluttery interview

I was recently interviewed by awesome fellow ladybloggers Domestic Sluttery about all things bloggy – check it out below!

Interview with Domestic Sluttery

Record Tripping

A bit of Monday delightfulness, this gorgeous little Flash game called Record Tripping is super charming and fun. It features Alice in Wonderland, kitties, bunny rabbits and using your mouse to skip through time, what could be more fun? Take five minutes out of your Monday morning to play.

Ask me anything…

I’ve been a bit slack with the old blogging lately – too wrapped up in my newest hobby, Japanese cooking! Remember to check out my foodie blog if you’re interested to see what I’ve been making, and I also update my tumblr almost daily with pretty images and things. I’ve also just started work on a fairly major blog redesign…

Until then I thought I’d set up this formspring account that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. It’s basically an anonymous survey site so feel free to ask me anything – but be nice :)


Ffffl*ckr is a really great new site for finding images you might like on Flickr. It loads in your favourited images and by clicking one you can see the favourited images of that user – the idea being that if you like someone’s photo, you’ll probably like what they like too! Much better than the Flickr Explore channel which generally contains overdone faux-vintage Photoshoppery and horridly chesy HDR style landscapes of mountains. Have a play and see what you find.

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Poke hack day – tastebuddi.es

Poke Hack day 2009

Last week, Poke threw their first Hack Day – we downed tools Wednesday lunch, got into teams, and were set the brief to create a ‘web thing’ on the theme of FOOD in 24 hours.

Poke Hack day 2009

Several manic hours later fuelled by crazy sandwiches and Angel Delight, each team presented their ideas to the judges – chef Yotam Ottolenghi, writer Russell Davies and editor of New Media Age Nick Howell.


Our team created tastebuddi.es, a website to inspire new unusual flavour combinations. Just keep hitting the big blue button to pop up two random ingredients, vote on whether the combo is a hit or miss, and share your best results on Twitter.

There’s a running tally of the most popular combos and in February we’ll announce the overall winner. We also plan to extend the site to allow users to add their own favourite combos and share them. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with changes to the site.

Poke Hack day 2009

Here are some of the delightful combos we made to try during our presentation – orange and curry, strawberry and balsamic (a hit), olive and nutella, and Marmite with shortbread.

We didn’t win the first prize as voted by the judges – that honour went to the World’s Tallest Sandwich – but there’s another prize for the site with the most visitors by March, so please use and share tastebuddi.es as much as you can – hope you like it!